reading group infrastructure reading group

reading group environment reading group

talk - presentation - panel Open panel “Overcoming Sociotechnical Imaginaries: Infrastructural ideologies and materialities?” at 4S conference, Hawaii November, 2023

talk - presentation - panel Open panel “Ecological crises and the role of technologies: harm, violence,and the quest for accountabilities” at 4S conference, Hawaii november 2023

talk - presentation - panel Open panel “Russia’s War on Ukraine – Environments, Imperialism, Infrastructures” at 4S conference, Hawaii november 2023

event NL IGF event – “Future-Proof Internet Governance: The Power of Multistakeholder Collaboration” September 2023

event Workshop on international standard-setting for the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Interior Affairs, and Economic Affairs and Climate September 2023

talk - presentation - panel “Dialectics of hacking” book launch August 2023

workshop Hack Smart Cities August 2023

talk - presentation - panel 5G networks and the public interest August 2023

talk - presentation - panel The People’s 5G Network July 2023

workshop infrastructural imaginaries workshop – montenegro July 2023

event Standards, Protocols, Ecosystem roundtable June 2023

workshop green screen climate justice and digital rights workshop – costa rica June 2023

talk - presentation - panel the global harms of powering ai – towards a sustainable future of data use and governance @cpdp May 2023xx

workshop digital green society – serbia May 2023

talk - presentation - panel Exploring Protocols & Interoperability to Support a People-Centered Digital Future May 2023

event launch event programme March 2023

exhibition antennas and us – exhibit at the amsterdam public library February 2023

talk - presentation - panel politics of (dis)connection February 2023

call for papers launch event January 2023

workshop giganet’s workshop on internet standard setting research methods January 2023

talk - presentation - panel infrastructural distortion and possession December 2022

infrastructure walk infrastructure walk berlin – september 2022 September 2022

infrastructure walk 5g infrastructure walk amsterdam, bijmer arena April 2022

project cross platform analysis on 5g and conspiracy interpretative frames December 2021

workshop show me the numbers: workshop on analyzing ietf data (aid) November 2021