event launch event programme March 2023

programme download [pdf] // data centre walk flyer [pdf]

day 0 – april 13 – singel library, singel 425, 1012 wp amsterdam

09:00 coffee + registration

  • 10:00 welcome and opening
  • marieke de goede – dean of the faculty of humanities
  • critical infrastructure lab

11:00 morning workshops: infrastructural futures

  • sustainable computing infrastructures – michelle thorne
  • identifying infrastructure gaps to shift power in the data economy – lisa gutermuth
  • imagining the future: what should the next european commission do? – alek tarkowski, zuzanna warso and paul keller

12:30 lunch

13:30 afternoon workshops: maps and models

  • data centre walk: the materiality of connectivity, centralization, data centers and data – yan cong
  • mapping the network; critical mapping and new perspectives on internet infrastructure and standards – silke steets, nadine schabét, rené tuma, dinah van der geest
  • semente – co-designing community-based digital policy – felipe schmidt fonseca & bernardo schepop
  • free software user unions? – decentral1se
  • permacomputing: are you working in the dark? introduction to permacomputing through a guided visualization and interactive game – ola bonati and lukas engelhardt

16:30 documentation, continuation and report back
17:30 surprise appearance
18:15 walk to waag
18:30 dinner and drinks (waag)

day 1 – april 14 – oude manhuispoort + bushuis

11:00 – 17:00 diy electronics jewelry workshop

09:30 welcome and opening – critical infrastructure lab
10:00 keynote 1 – standards – ksenia ermoshina
11:00 coffee break

11:15 morning panels

geopolitics: shifts, conflicts, and infrastructures

  • migration information infrastructures: power, control and responsibility at a new frontier of migration research – fran meissner & linnet taylor
  • “dongshuxisuan” (east-to-west computing resource transfer project) in china: an evolutionary reform on data infrastructure construction – chengbao jin
  • the eu and internet standards – beyond the spin, a strategic turn? – clément perarnaud

standards: norms and methods

  • data walking in the unheard city: sampling infrastructured devices with mobile apps – iain emsley
  • the good infrastructures lab: user agency within, through and against infrastructures – thomas berker
  • standardization as ethico-political project. dealing with the tension between the value of equal quality of standards and pluriversality – paula helm

environment: maintenance and resistance

  • permitting/resisting the cloud: a comparative legal analysis of community resistance to fossil fuel infrastructure and data centers – jenna ruddock
  • reuse commons: a toolkit to weave generous cities – felipe schmidt fonseca
  • washout! environmental synchronization and infrastructural maintenance in the northern rocky mountains – sam p. kellogg

12:30 lunch
13:30 keynote 2 – environment – svitlana matviyenko
14:30 coffee break
14:45 report presentations

  • exclusionary cultures of internet governance – corinne cath
  • open source software as digital infrastructure – thomas streinz

15:45 keynote 3 – geopolitics – yu hong
16:45 coffee break
17:00 afternoon panels

geopolitics: european infrastructure politics

  • eu digital diplomacy – digital technologies, standards, and regulation in times of geopolitical upheaval – julian ringhof
  • reaching european stars with american clouds: rooting european digital sovereignty in gaia-x – andreas baur
  • the russian conflict and its impact on the web pki – alexandra dirksen

standards: network paradigms

  • rearticulating the digital public good: aesthetics and technics of the fifth internet – mila samdub
  • digital technologies and sustainable development: the missing link – raúl zambrano
  • an overview of internet censorship in eu – vasilis ververis

infrastructural futures

  • on-line federation as a sociotechnical architecture – roel roscam abbing
  • towards a historical, multi-dimensional, relational model of digital infrastructure – lai yi ohlsen

18:15 closing
20:30 drinks (ot301)