open reading group environment reading group February 2024

bi- weekly tuesday session 16:00 – 17:00 cet (once every two weeks)
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what we have read thusfar:

pollution is colonialism by Max Liboiron
myth of green capitalism by Katharina Pistor
from moore’s law to the carbon law by Daniel Pargman, Aksel Biørn-Hansen, Elina Eriksson, Jarmo Laaksolaht, Markus Robèrt
solarities; seeking energy justice by After Oil Collective
the value of a whale by Adrienne Buller
after geoengineering: climate tragedy, repair, and restoration by Holly Jean Buck
against crisis epistemology by kyle whyte
discard studies: wasting, systems, and power by Max Liboiron and Josh Lepawsky 
An alternative planetary future? Digital sovereignty frameworks and the decolonial option by Sebastián Lehuedé
‘Socialism is not just Built for a Hundred Years’: Renewable Energy and Planetary Thought in the Early Soviet Union (1917–1945) by Daniela Russ
Resource Radicals: From Petro-Nationalism to Post-Extractivism in Ecuador by Thea Riofrancos
The Security–Sustainability Nexus: Lithium Onshoring in the Global North by Thea Riofrancos
The Internet Shutdown and Revolutionary Politics: Defining the Infrastructural Power of the Internet by Michael Truscello